About Us

Our church sprang out of a tent mission that was held at Mayfield in September of 1937. It was conducted by the world-renowned evangelist at the time E.C. Hinrichsen and gold medallist singer V.B. Morris on a vacant block of land on Maitland Road where Aldi is now located.

As with any organisation we have been through (and are going through) change. We hope to always be who God has called us to be and be doing what it is He has called us to do.

Our Vision is
To see our world transformed through life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ
By Being [Our Mission]
A visible and relevant example of Jesus in our world.
Our Values:
Valuing truth over a facade, reality over conformity, people over possessions
Safe Community
Rich in love, grace and mercy, and safe for all
Punching above our weight
We are small, God is big, and there is no limit to what He can do
A Culture of Contributing
Being spiritual contributors over spiritual consumers
Courageous Leadership
Inspiring Christ-centred discipleship that ignites people to fulfil their God-given purpose
Enthusiastic Generosity
Going over-and-above in the same way God goes over-and-above for us