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08/09/2019Get Up! RestorationTim DroughThe Holy Spirit ACTSListen
01/09/2019Now What? (Responding to the Spirit)Alan NortonThe Holy Spirit ACTSListen
25/08/2019Switched On (Empowered by the Spirit)Tim DroughThe Holy Spirit ACTSListen
18/08/2019The Holy Spirit... Here... Now...Tim DroughThe Holy Spirit ACTSListen
11/08/2019WAIT...Tim DroughThe Holy Spirit ACTSListen
04/08/2019This Time Next YearTim DroughListen
28/07/2019MWDS Working Bee (No Service)
21/07/2019Enthusiastic GenerosityTim Drough#HEARTBEATListen
14/07/2019Pastoral CareLibby BarkleyListen
07/07/2019Courageous LeadershipTim Drough#HEARTBEATListen
30/06/2019Holiday ReflectionsAlan Norton
23/06/2019Reflective Service
16/06/2019Sharing Service
09/06/2019A Culture of ContributingTim Drough#HEARTBEATListenVirtual Reality Church
02/06/2019Punching Above Our WeightTim Drough#HEARTBEATListen
26/05/2019Safe CommunityEmily Drough#HEARTBEATListen
19/05/2019AuthenticityTim Drough#HEARTBEAT
12/05/2019MissionTim Drough#HEARTBEATListen
05/05/2019VisionTim Drough#HEARTBEATListen
28/04/2019Living WaterTim Drough
21/04/2019Resurrection SundayTim DroughListen
14/04/2019Palm SundayAlan NortonListen
24/03/2019I Am The VineCate HayesJesus Said, "I AM"Listen
10/03/2019I Am the Resurrection and the LifeTim DroughJesus Said, "I AM"ListenLUMO-GOSPEL OF JOHN CHAPTER 11:1-16
03/03/2019I Am The Good ShepherdAlan NortonJesus Said, "I AM"Listen
24/02/2019CHURCH CAMP
17/02/2019I Am the GateTim DroughJesus Said, "I AM"Listen
10/02/2019I Am the Light of the WorldTim DroughJesus Said, "I AM"Listen
03/02/2019I Am the Bread of LifeTim Drough Jesus Said, "I AM"Listen
27/01/2019Rejoice with those who rejoiceAlan NortonRomans 12listen
20/01/2019Bless those who persecute youAlan NortonRomans 12Listen
13/01/2019Share with the Lord's People who are in needAlan NortonRomans 12Listen
06/01/2019Be Joyful in HopeTim DroughRomans 12Listen
30/12/2018ZealTim DroughRomans 12Listen
16/12/2018The ShepherdsTim DroughChristmas 2018Listen
09/12/2018Joseph's DilemmaAlan NortonChristmas 2018Listen
02/12/2018MaryKizzia JuddChristmas 2018Listen
25/11/2018Be Devoted to One Another in LoveTim DroughRomans 12Listen
18/11/2018Love Must Be SincereEmily DroughRomans 12Listen
04/11/2018Seek the Welfare of your cityTim DroughSeek the Welfare of your cityListen
28/10/2018Series FinaleAlan NortonI Want To Live Like ThatListen
21/10/2018Jews for JesusRahel Landrum - Jews for Jesus AustraliaJews for JesusListen
14/10/2018Faith FilledTim DroughI Want To Live Like ThatListen
07/10/2018Treasures In HeavenTim DroughI Want to Live Like ThatListen
30/09/2018People who fastTim DroughI Want to Live Like ThatListen
23/09/2018PrayerCate HayesI Want To Live Like ThatListen
16/09/2018Generosity Generates JoyTim DroughI Want To Live Like ThatListen
09/09/2018Global Mission PartnersColin ScottListen
02/09/2018Father's Day PanelVariousListen
26/08/2018Lovers and PrayersTim DroughI Want To Live Like ThatListen
19/08/2018Extra mileKizzia JuddI Want to Live Like ThatListen
12/08/2018AngerAlan NortonI Want To Live Like ThatListen
05/08/2018Salt & LightTim DroughI Want to Live Like ThatListen
29/07/2018Blessed Are You . . . Because of MeTim DroughI Want to Live Like ThatListenVideo Played towards end of message
22/07/2018What Are You Doing With It?Ben PearceListen
15/07/2018ForgivenessAlan NortonListen
01/07/2018An Extraordinary OfferingBen BlythMosesListen
24/06/2018DisobedienceTim DroughMosesListen
17/06/2018A miraculous FairwayKizzia JuddMosesListen
10/06/2018Arguing The MissionIsaac BarkerMosesListen
03/06/2018An Incredible TheophanyTim DroughMosesListen
27/05/2018Auspicious BeginningsTim DroughMosesListen
20/05/2018We Can't Stay Here!Tim DroughListen
13/05/2018A Higher CallingEm DroughListen
06/05/2018Life-Giving WordsTim DroughListen
29/04/2018Sharing Service - Not RecordedVarious
22/04/2018UnityTim DroughListen
15/04/2018My First SermonBen PearceListen
08/04/2018Childrens Ministry at MayfieldKizzia JuddListen
01/04/2018Easter 2018Tim DroughListen
25/03/2018Enthusiastic GenerosityBen BlythValuesListen
18/03/2018A Culture Of ContributingCate HayesValuesListen
11/03/2018Courageous LeadershipTim DroughValuesListen
04/03/2018Punching Above Our WeightKizzia JuddValuesListen
18/02/2018Safe CommunityBen BlythValuesListen
11/02/2018AuthenticityTim DroughValuesListen
04/02/2018Vision SundayTim DroughListen
21/01/2018Proverbs 3:5Ben BlythMy Favourite Bible VerseListen
14/01/2018Romans 12:1-2Kel HollidayMy Favourite Bible VerseListen
7/01/2018Jeremiah 29:11Kizzia JuddMy Favourite Bible VerseListen
31/12/2017Goals For 2018Kel HollidayListen
24/12/2017Christmas Eve ServiceTim DroughListen
17/12/2017Share The Greatest GiftTim DroughAdventListen
10/12/2017Decking With LoveKel HollidayAdventListen
3/12/2017Checking to find peaceTim DroughAdventListen
26/11/2017The Rich Young RulerKizzia JuddDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
19/11/2017Feeding The Multitudes... AgainTim DroughDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
12/11/2017When Religion Gets In The Way Of GodAlan NortonDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
05/11/201780th Anniversary CelebrationJohn CrowtherListen
29/10/2017Not In This TownCate HayesDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
22/10/2017The Other SideKel HollidayDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
15/10/2017A Sinner's PartyTim DroughDefiance: Challenge The NormListen
08/10/2017GratefulTim DroughNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
01/10/2017People of ConfessionCate HayesNehemiah - Building Blocks for the Future
24/09/2017People of CelebrationKel HollidayNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
17/09/2017What can we learn from emojis?VariousEnergy Kids / Regenerate Youth ServiceListen
10/09/2017Grounded in the WordKel HollidayNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
03/09/2017Father's Day PanelVarious
27/08/2017Godly WisdomEm DroughNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
20/08/2017UnityCate HayesNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
13/08/2017Standing FastKizzia JuddNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
06/08/2017TeamworkTim DroughNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListenSermon Video
30/07/2017Seeing The Reality (Nehemiah 2)Nehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
23/07/2017The Vine, The Branches, The Holy SpiritIsaac BarkerListen
16/07/2017A Compelling VisionTim DroughNehemiah - Building Blocks for the FutureListen
09/07/2017I Am With YouKel HollidayGreat CommissionListen
02/07/2017Teaching Them (To Obey)Cate HayesGreat CommissionListen
25/06/2017The Trinity as a Fidget SpinnerKizzia JuddYouth & Kids Take Over ServiceListen
18/06/2017Ministry Expo (not recorded)
For information on the ministries we offer, click
11/06/2017Baptising ThemTim DroughGreat CommissionListen
04/06/2017Make DisciplesAlan NortonGreat CommissionListen
28/05/2017Therefore GoEm DroughGreat CommissionListen
21/05/2017All AuthorityTim DroughGreat CommissionListen
14/05/2017God Is Able (Including Ben Pearce's Induction as our Worship Pastor)Tim DroughListen
07/05/2017Sharing ServiceVarious
30/04/2017"Hold on to what you have"Alan Norton7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
23/04/2017"Eye for an Eye"Kizzia Judd7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
16/04/2017"Bye-Bye"Tim Drough7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
09/04/2017"Love When You Feel Like It"Em Drough7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
02/04/2017"Get Angry"Tim Drough7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
26/03/2017"Looking Is Okay"Tim Drough7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
19/03/2017"Blend In"Tim Drough7 Things Jesus Didn't SayListen
12/03/2017A Culture of ContributingEm DroughValuesListen
05/03/2017Safe CommunityKel HollidayValuesListen
26/02/2017Irrational GenerosityKizzia JuddValuesListen
19/02/2017Courageous LeadershipAlan NortonValuesListen
12/02/2017AuthenticTim DroughValuesListen
05/02/2017Punching Above Our WeightTim DroughValuesListen
29/01/2017PatienceTim DroughSummer SundaysListen
22/01/2017JoyJordan HencSummer SundaysListen
15/01/2017PeaceKel HollidaySummer SundaysListen
08/01/2017What If The Rapture Occurred In 2017?Alan NortonSummer SundaysListen
01/01/2017Reflections - One Word For 2017Cate HayesSummer SundaysListen
24/12/2016The AngelsTim DroughWhat They Said...Listen
18/12/2016GabrielEm DroughWhat They Said...Listen
11/12/2016DanielTim DroughWhat They Said...Listen
27/11/2016IsaiahAlan NortonWhat They Said...Listen
20/11/2016Psalm 27Kizzia JuddPsalm Times In The BibleListen
13/11/2016Psalm 1Alan NortonPsalm Times In The BibleListen
06/11/2016Psalm 139Cate HayesPsalm Times In The BibleListen
30/10/2016Psalm 103Tim DroughPsalm Times In The BibleListen
23/10/2016Psalm 23Tim DroughPsalm Times In The BibleListen
16/10/2016God's Leadership StyleKel HollidayListen
09/10/16Embracing ChangeTim DroughListenMessage Slideshow
02/10/16Rich Toward GodKizzia JuddBeing Rich in What Matters MostListen
25/09/16Rich in Good DeedsAlan NortonBeing Rich in What Matters MostListen
18/09/16Rich GiverCate HayesBeing Rich in What Matters MostListen
11/09/16Deceitfulness of RichesEm DroughBeing Rich in What Matters MostListen
04/09/16Good News, Bad NewsTim DroughBeing Rich in What Matters MostListen
04/09/16InterviewAli Barkley - Safe Haven Community Centre & Children's HomeListenSafe Haven Manila
28/08/16Jesus in the Old TestamentRahel Landrum - Jews for Jesus AustraliaListenJews for Jesus Australia
21/08/16Sharing Service (Not Recorded)
14/08/16Baptism Service
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Photos & Videos
07/08/16What Does That Mean For Our World?Tim DroughBeyond The HarbourListenBeyond the Harbour Week 3
31/07/16What Does That Mean For Us?Kizzia JuddBeyond The HarbourListenDownload
24/07/16What Does That Mean For Me?Tim DroughBeyond The HarbourListenDownload
17/07/16Send MeTim DroughDangerous PrayersListen
10/07/16Break MeJordan HencDangerous PrayersListen
03/07/16Search MeTim DroughDangerous PrayersListen
26/06/16I Am The VineCate HayesWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
19/06/16I Am The WayTim DroughWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
12/06/16I Am The Resurrection and the LifeAlan NortonWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
05/06/16I Am The Good ShepardKel HollidayWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
29/05/16I Am The GateEm DroughWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
22/05/16I Am the Light of the WorldJono JonesWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
15/05/16I am the Bread of LifeTim DroughWho Did Jesus Say He Was?Listen
08/05/16MotherhoodKizzia JuddListen
01/05/16EncouragementTim DroughListen
24/04/16JustificationBen From ImpartListenFresh Hope Impart
17/04/16God Won't Give You More Than You Can HandleKel HollidayFour Things We Believe That Aren't In the BibleListen
10/04/16Cleanliness is next to GodlinessTim DroughFour Things We Believe That Aren't In the BibleListen
03/04/16God Wants Me to be HappyJono JonesFour Things We Believe That Aren't In the BibleListen
27/03/16God Helps Those Who Help ThemselvesTim DroughFour Things We Believe That Aren't In the BibleListen
20/03/16Jesus' Last WeekCate HayesListen
13/03/16The Parable of the TalentsTim DroughJesus' ParablesListen
06/03/16Compassion AustraliaDavid HarrisonListen
28/02/16Celebrating 30 YearsTim DroughListen
21/02/16Visible and RelevantEm Drough2016 and BeyondListen
14/02/16Life-changing Relationships With JesusAlan Norton2016 and BeyondListen
07/02/16See Our World TransformedTim Drough2016 and BeyondListen
31/01/16The Parable of the Lost SheepTim DroughJesus' ParablesListen
24/01/16Jesus' Parables on PrayerCate HayesJesus' ParablesListen
17/01/16The Workers in the VineyardAlan NortonJesus' ParablesListen
10/01/16Sharing Service (not recorded)
03/01/16What Gift Did God Bring?Jono JonesHope Is On The WayListen
27/12/15We Are FamilyTim DroughHope Is On The WayListen
20/12/15A Surprise AdoptionTim DroughHope Is On The WayListenSteven Bradbury Video
13/12/15Hope In The King (Not Recorded)Cate HayesHope Is On The Way
06/12/15We Work While We WaitKel HollidayHope Is On The WayListen
29/11/15Managing Un-expectationsJono JonesHope Is On The Way (Advent)Listen
22/11/15The Wise and Foolish Builders (not recorded)Cate HayesJesus' Parables
15/11/15The Good SamaritanJono JonesJesus' ParablesListen
08/11/15The Hidden TreasureAlan NortonJesus' ParablesListen
01/11/15The Prodigal Son (not recorded)Tim DroughJesus' Parables
25/10/15It was an Evangelistic ChurchTim DroughLessons from the Acts ChurchListen
18/10/15CAP Money Course Launch (not recorded)Amy LanhamCAP - Christians Against Poverty

CAP Money Course
11/10/15It was a Worshipping Church (not recorded)Tim DroughLessons from the Acts ChurchDownload
04/10/15It was a Loving Church (not recorded)Tim DroughLessons from the Acts ChurchDownload
28/09/15It was a Learning Church (not recorded)Tim DroughLessons from the Acts ChurchDownload
21/09/15Sharing/Testimony Sunday (not recorded)
14/09/15How To Integrate Gods WordJono Jones40 Days In The WordListen
06/09/15Understanding The Meaning Of The TextEmily Drough40 Days In The WordListen
30/08/15Keys to Bible StudyAlan Norton40 Days In The WordListen
23/08/15Preparing to See What God Wants us To SeeCate Hayes40 Days In The WordListen
16/08/15How the Bible Changes UsJono Jones40 Days In The WordListen
09/08/15Why Can I Trust the Bible?Tim Drough40 Days In The WordListen
All messages from the series 40 Days In The Word have been adapted from the material by Rick Warren © Copyright 2011
02/08/15Generosity in the New TestamentKel HollidayGiving People in a Taking WorldListen
26/07/15Jesus On MoneyCate HayesGiving People in a Taking WorldListen
19/07/15Tithing and Generosity in the Old TestamentTim DroughGiving People in a Taking WorldListenDo Good Video
12/07/15The Origins of TithingAlan NortonGiving People in a Taking WorldListen
5/07/15With Our GodTim DroughMicah 6:8Listen
28/06/15Walk HumblyCate HayesMicah 6:8Listen
21/06/15Love MercyJono JonesMicah 6:8ListenInvictus Video Clip
14/06/15Act JustlyEmily DroughMicah 6:8Listen
07/06/15Being a Relevant ExampleAlan NortonVision and MissionListen
31/05/15ThanksgivingJono JonesThanksgivingListen
24/05/15Vision - Being a Visible ExampleTim DroughVision and MissionListen
17/05/15Our VisionKelvin HollidayVision and MissionListen
10/05/15Energy Kids and Emerge Youth ServiceKizzia JuddListen
03/05/15Transforming LivesCate HayesVision and MissionListen
26/04/15Our World TransformedTim DroughVision and MissionListen
19/04/15To See Our WorldAlan NortonVision and MissionListen
12/04/15Why vision and mission is neededTim DroughVision and MissionListen
05/04/15Giving Up Our Lives (Easter Sunday)Tim DroughGiving It UpListen
29/03/15Giving Up Our Lives (not recorded)Tim DroughGiving It UpDownload
22/03/15Giving Up PopularityCate HayesGiving It UpListen
15/03/15Giving Up EnemiesTim DroughGiving It UpListen
08/03/15Giving Up SuperiorityJono JonesGiving It UpListen
01/03/15Giving Up ExpectationsKel HollidayGiving It UpListen
22/02/15Giving Up ControlTim DroughGiving It Up (Lenten Series)Listen
15/02/15Induction Service (not recorded)
08/02/15GenerosityCate HayesBe AboutListen
01/02/15GentlenessAlan NortonBe AboutListen
25/01/15CourageTim DroughBe AboutListen
18/01/15InchesIan BarkleyListen
11/01/15Interview with Ali BarkleyListen
04/01/15New YearCate HayesListen
28/12/14Worship Service (not recorded)
21/12/14Love AllAlan NortonAdventListen
14/12/14Give MoreJono JonesAdventListen
07/12/14Spend LessTim DroughAdventListen
30/11/14Worship FullyCate HayesAdventListen
23/11/14BaptismTim DroughListen
16/11/14Vision for Mayfield CofCTim DroughListen
09/11/14EncouragementKizzia JuddListen
02/11/14James 5Tim DroughJamesListen
26/10/14Prayer (not recorded)Cate Hayes
19/10/14TestimoniesBen & KizziaBen Kizzia
12/10/14Prayer & Worship (not recorded)
05/10/14James 4Jono JonesJamesListenDownload
28/09/14James 3Tim DroughJamesListenDownload
21/09/14James 2Cate HayesJamesListenDownload
14/09/14James 1Jono JonesJamesListenDownload
07/09/14Just Walk Across the Room #4Tim DroughJust Walk Across the RoomListenDownload
31/08/14Just Walk Across the Room #3Jono JonesJust Walk Across the RoomListen
24/08/14Colin Scott from Global Mission PartnersListen
17/08/14Just Walk Across the Room #2Alan NortonJust Walk Across the RoomListen
10/08/14Just Walk Across the Room #1Cate HayesJust Walk Across the RoomListen
03/08/14Let the Children ComeTim DroughEnergy Kids / Regenerate Youth ServiceDownload
27/07/14Time ManagementTracy McCoskerEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
20/07/14WorkAlan NortonEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
13/07/14RelationshipsTim DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
06/07/14ChangeCate HayesEveryday People – Everyday Issues
29/06/14Mental IllnessEm DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
22/06/14Alcohol and Other DrugsCate HayesEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
15/06/14Finances Week 2Em DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListenChristians Against Poverty
08/06/14Finances Week 1Alan NortonEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
01/06/14Marriage Panel Q & ATim DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
25/05/14MarriageTim DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
18/05/14Parenting Panel Q & AEm DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListenTale of Two Brains – Men’s vs Women’s Brains
11/05/14ParentingJono JonesEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListenThe Parenting RapWorld’s Toughest Job
04/05/14Series IntroductionTim DroughEveryday People – Everyday IssuesListen
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