Join Us for Easter

Easter 2016

Easter is a special time for followers of Jesus as we remember what Jesus did for humankind when he died on the cross.

We invite you to remember this special time with us tonight (Thursday) 7pm at our Service of Shadows. The Service of Shadows is a reflective time where we imagine what it must have been like for Jesus’ disciples over those three, long days. There will be singing interspersed with scenes from the movie ‘Son of God’.

As the Son of God is not suitable for children, there will be an alternative activity set up for them.

On Sunday at 10am we will rejoice together because of Jesus’ resurrection. We’ll be beginning our new series, ‘Four things we believe that aren’t in the Bible’ with God Helps Those Who Help Themselves – Make sure you don’t miss out!

Regardless of whether you are planning on joining us over the next few days, my prayer is that you’re well and enjoying life in all its fullness. Please know that you’re always welcome here.

God Bless,