Journey to the Cross

Welcome to a guided time of prayer and reflection as we Journey to the Cross. We hope this will give you space to reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion in unique and meaningful way.

Before you begin

Choose a time and space that will allow you to work through the stations at your own pace. There are 12 stations in total. They were originally created to be completed in the one evening, however you might choose to do one or two stations each day leading up to Easter. We encourage you to remain silent for the duration of the experience.


Some stations are interactive. If you don’t have an item or are unable to access the digital resource, feel free to just follow the prompts for reading and reflection.

Collect the following items from around your home before you begin if you wish to participate in these components:

  • Bible
  • Pen and notebook or piece of paper
  • Candle (and something to light it with)
  • A stone or similar weighty item
  • Cushion to kneel upon
  • Handful of coins
  • A basin of water
  • A red pen or marker
  • A hammer and nails (and a piece of wood if available)
  • A cup of juice and piece of bread for communion


We encourage you to share your reflections and experiences from your Journey to the Cross with our church family on ChurchMe, Facebook or Instagram.

Acknowledgement and Thanks

We would love to express our heartfelt thanks to LevelGroundChuch and Dan Louwen for sharing the original content for Journey to the Cross via RethinkWorship.


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Journey to the Cross Stations

#1 – In the Beginning 

#2 – The Fall

#3 – The Garden

#4 – Betrayed

#5 – Condemned

#6 – Denied

#7 – Whipped and Mocked

#8 – Nailed

#9 – It Is Finished

#10 – Buried

#11 – Letting Go

#12 – Communion

Beyond the Cross