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A couple of weeks ago we launched our new preaching series, Being Rich in What Matters Most.

As part of this series we launched a new campaign for all of us to participate in -TARGET 4K. We want to donate $4,000 ($1,000 each) to the following organisations:

Why? Because the fact is that living in Australia, we are rich. We are some of the richest people in the world. So as a church we want to be a blessing to our community, nation & world. As the early church was characterised by their generosity (Acts 2:42-47), so we too want to be characterised by ours.

Every Sunday as part of this campaign, we will have the opportunity to make a contribution to TARGET 4K. No money will be withheld from these organisations, so everything you put towards the campaign will be passed on. There will be TARGET 4K envelopes available (or use “TARGET4K” as an electronic payment reference).

We are encouraging people to go over & above their regular tithe, because if we only re-allocate what we already give, that’s not really being generous is it? We understand people might be financially stretched right at the moment but as Tim said at the series launch, if we’re honest, almost all of us have more than we need.

This is where we are up to so far…